3Style Kitchens Company Profile

Quality, value for money and service are the three tenets of Wakefield based Kitchen company 3Style Kitchens.  Addressing the quality of their products, all of the kitchens offered by 3Style are sourced from Daval, a Yorkshire based company who keep the design and making of their luxury fitted kitchens in Britain – and indeed in West Yorkshire. This ensures optimum quality control and smooth, swift and easy contact with their supplier, resulting in unparalleled end results that can be tweaked to the customer’s satisfaction. The full Daval range is available through 3 Style Kitchens. A visit to the 3 Style Showroom in Harrogate is also well worth a visit where you can see a sample of the kitchens that they can offer.

example of a kitchen from 3 Style KitchensOf course, having such a local and prestigious trade partner makes for a great start when it comes to providing excellent customer service and 3Style Kitchens take this strong foundation and enhance it ten-fold with their excellent attention to detail and dedicated team. When you contact them about your dream kitchen you will be given an initial consultation and then you’ll be provided with a range of design options based on your ideas. The level of detail in both design and craftsmanship come from years of experience in the industry and is all overseen by owner Dean Clements, who personally ensures that all customers are given the highest level of personalized service from the initial consultation through to the successful completion of each project. This is one of the key features that distinguishes 3Style Kitchens from their competitors and along with the quality and flexibility of design option ensures that the end result is leagues ahead of ‘off the shelf’ providers. This level of diligence, service and quality has helped 3Style Kitchens to become Best Home & Garden Retailer in the Wakefield Retail Awards.

In terms of value, of course this always depends on what your desired outcome should be. If you are looking for the cheapest serviceable option then of course, a 3Style kitchen will not be for you, but if you are looking for the best possible value for money in the West Yorkshire area, when it comes to high quality design and craftsmanship then you will be delighted with what 3Style Kitchens can offer. Working closely with their design team, who in turn work side by side with those responsible for crafting the kitchens, you will always feel in control and able to raise any concerns, that will be addressed promptly. The end result will be a kitchen that you will be immensely proud of and one that you will not be wanting to change for many years to come.

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When it comes down to styles, the options really are vast. You can opt for something very traditional, a more contemporary design or even one that looks to the future. In addition, since 2014, 3Style have added a new fitted bedroom range, which benefits from the very same quality and attention to detail as their kitchens.

Details of how to visit the kitchen showroom can be found on their website and in office hours one of the 3Style team will be delighted to answer your enquiries on 0800 321 3491.