BPI Auctions

When it comes to the top of the food chain in the world of online asset disposal, BPI auctions are the keystone operators – market leaders with an illustrious history and a wealth of success stories and satisfied customers. Integral to their success has been their core value, which although it is simple is far too often ignored by companies of all types – most typically banks. BPI Auctions believe that each and every customer deserves to be treated with the same verve and enthusiasm that is too often afforded only to new clients and the biggest of hitters. With BPI Auctions every client is number one.

Since BPI sparked into life in their early days the business has grown into an entity to be proud of and this is entirely thanks to the dedication, graft and attitude of their experienced and motivated team. This has seen what started as a small company grow into one of the UK’s leading online auctioneers and purchasers of stock and equipment from the whole gamut of industrial sectors and now includes their new BPI marketplace which allows for easy selling and buying of almost anything online that you can think of . BPI auctions have a very strong reach and the company is proud to work with all kinds of businesses from tiny local entities all the way through to multinational corporations. This means they are completely versed in how each client’s needs are distinct and often require unique approaches.

From the early years the business has grown through our team’s hard work and commitment to make BPI Auctions one of the leading online auctioneers and buyers of all types of stock and equipment. The end game of BPI Auctions’ service is to convert the unwanted stocks and assets of their clients into liquid working capital. There are so many sets of circumstances in a challenging national or local market that necessitate the freeing up of capital and BPI Auctions understand that sometimes circumstances dictate that this needs to be achieved as quickly as possible.

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That is why the team can be on site with 24 hours’ notice to collect the necessary information about the inventory that is to be sold, ensuring that the whole process can get underway post haste. The valuation process is important and BPI Auctions understand the need to offer best and worst case scenario valuations (lower and upper limits) to provide clients with a realistic set of expectations. The team benefits from a collective experience of well over 100 years, which is particularly important when it comes to accurate valuations.

BPI Auctions host over 400 auctions a year, each of which can make saleable assets visible to a huge range of potential buyers. To ensure that all of their customers are given the BPI Auctions’ prestigious customer service treatment the company has a national and local account management team, each dedicated to reaching and surpassing service expectations and able to offer advice when requested. The whole auction process is smooth and hassle-free, with payments by cheque or bank transfer being cleared within 14 days of the auction’s end. It is clear to see why BPI Auctions have become the UK’s go to online auction providers.