Reclaim the Living Room as the Family Hub using Wooden Furniture

The whys and wherefores as to why a certain room in the house becomes the family hub are many, but one thing’s for sure, over recent years the good old living room has begun to come in second to the kitchen/diner.

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How does a sewage treatment plant work?

The average person doesn’t give much thought to how a sewage treatment plant works; they just flush the loo or empty waste water down the sink and then don’t worry where it goes.

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The benefits of using a professional recording studio

Many musicians and songwriters have their own home studios these days. However, it is a rarity to hear these home demos on the radio or on a record. This is because there are so many benefits to recording in a professional studio; [Read more…]

Ten Ways to Protect your Home Based Business

The internet has made it easier than ever for people to work from home, which means home businesses are far more prevalent than they were a few decades ago. There are huge advantages to running a business from home, [Read more…]

How Pump Hire can benefit your Business

Although weather experts would argue otherwise, there’s no denying that it certainly feels like flooding is on the increase in the UK and every year there are at least three or four areas are hit by major flooding. [Read more…]