Merlx – Electrical Engineers


Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of reliable, flexible, experienced and friendly electricians on tap for all your individual and business needs? Welcome to our world. MERLX are an electrical engineering company in Hull who offer domestic and commercial services without compromising the distinct skillsets the unique requirements of each require.


As far as our domestic services are concerned, we have worked tirelessly to gain the trust of our priority customers in Hull and East Yorkshire. We understand the importance of being there for our customers, whether it is for a routine job or an emergency. Our guarantee is not only quality and efficiency but also, most crucially, your safety and we will work with you to ensure that your electrics are fully compliant. Whether you’re planning refurbishment or building a new home, MERLX can be on hand to make sure everything is connected and compliant, with the highest of quality coming as our standard practice. From complete house rewiring through to that outdoor lighting you’ve been meaning to get for years, we’ve got you covered.


Crucially for our commercial customers, our electricians specialize in getting work done efficiently and with the bare minimum of disruption, ensuring that while they are on site, everyone else can go about their working day without distraction. As a growing business ourselves, we understand just how vital it is to be connected to the world. Electricity is the glue that holds everything together and so we prioritize our commercial clients who need to get back up and running following an outage. Power is money and MERLX understand that more than anyone. From periodic testing through to computer cabling, system overhauls and fault finding, MERLX can be there for all your business needs.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements with our dedicated support team.

Telephone: 01482 635 188