Need More Office or Warehouse Space?

With property and land at a premium and priced accordingly, it is a serious conundrum for many small and medium businesses how to expand premises and operations without jeopardising the financial future of the company in the process. However, there are some options out there that are attractive and efficient without breaking the bank.

Steel-framed buildings

Steel buildings come with a plethora of benefits from their quick, mess-free, environmentally sound construction to their easy upkeep, creation of extra interior space and cost-efficiency. The nature of steel building systems and their flexibility means that designs can be made with minimal wastage not only of materials but crucially here, of space. In fact, the exceptionally light, open and airy spaces that are made possible by using steel frames, are nothing short of ideal for extending and expanding premises no matter what sector your business is in.

There are enough benefits of steel frame buildings to fill up an entire book, but considering this article is all about creating more space, let’s look at how steel best accommodates this need.

There are not any buildings more adaptable or flexible than steel constructions. By building in steel you are able to call on a team of dedicated experts who can create large spaces free of unnecessary impediments like columns. This means that the building will be suitable for change of use. Should you need to add insulation, heating and other amenities if you need to reallocate the space for office, rather than storage then this is easily achieved. And crucially, as screws are used for all fittings, if, in the future you need further expansion then you’ll be able to take advantage of this, by unscrewing relevant sections and extending with a minimal amount of disturbance. This economical adaptability is a real cost-saver and a highly attractive proposition, we’re sure you’ll agree.


As well as the name of Massive Attack’s classic album, the mezzanine is a vastly underrated space-creating option for small and medium businesses. Furthermore it is an option that is vastly more applicable and less costly than steel-framed buildings. This means that if you’ve already got a good-sized steel-framed building and find yourself a bit pinched for space, a mezzanine floor might well be your best option going forward.

The argument for:

  • The addition of a mezzanine floor offers the potential to almost double your usable floor space!
  • You can create dual use in one building, for instance, using the ground floor for storage space and partitioning the first floor as an office.
  • As previously mentioned mezzanines are easily added to steel constructions.
  • Mezzanine floor additions can be completed in 4-5 weeks and therefore do not cause great disturbance to the day to day operation of your business for an excessive period of time.
  • Perhaps most attractively of all as it is a free standing construct, unconnected to the building’s structure, in many cases mezzanine floors will not be ‘rateable’, which means you get the space, but only pay for the construction.