Reclaim the Living Room as the Family Hub using Wooden Furniture

The whys and wherefores as to why a certain room in the house becomes the family hub are many, but one thing’s for sure, over recent years the good old living room has begun to come in second to the kitchen/diner.

The thing is that this doesn’t necessarily suit all households and to others it would be beneficial to do as much as possible to add the living room as another viable hub, especially if its status as such has been neglected of late.

How do we use furniture to add vibrancy and what the Danish call ‘hygge’, loosely translated as ‘homeliness and cosiness’ to our living room?

Mood and mental health

Believe it or not, as well as being beautiful, strong, efficient and reliable as a material wood is also known to have a positive effect on mood and emotional wellbeing, bringing a touch of the natural world into the home environment. Our interiors should not only serve as functional spaces, but should also, where possible, nurture our emotional selves, allowing us spaces in which we feel at peace, comfortable and enriched. If you can feel fully relaxed and at home in your living room, it will definitely become more of a hub and boost your mental health and wellbeing at the same time.

Using distinct tones

Too much wooden furniture, or indeed furniture and flooring or doors in the same tone can overwhelm spaces and also ensure that any other design flourishes are lost in a sea of similar wood. Instead you should pick a dominant tone – one that you will use for your wooden TV unit (an Indian mango wood colour for instance) and then accentuate it with other wooden furniture or décor flourishes in suitable, but distinct tones. You can assist your project by picking a nice neutral tone for your wall colour – a nice grey wash stain is a perfect sounding board off which you can bounce a dominant darker wood piece against compatible, lighter pieces.

Add a trusty wooden sideboard

Kitchen diners are dominant hubs not just because of their proximity to that holy kettle or coffee machine but also for their convenient sideboards and breakfast diner spaces that allow for working on the laptop, reading a book or newspaper or just having a good old lean. They also serve as charging stations when next to plugs, which is also an instant draw. Why not add this kind of functionality and convenience to the living room. You can also use this alongside your TV unit to establish that darker, bolder dominant wood colour. A lovely acacia-esque stain would be a fine example. Alternatively you could paint your sideboard white, either perfectly or to achieve a shabby chic, seaside look. Sideboards also allow for a perfect pairing piece for wall-hangings such as artworks, crafts or throws.

These are just some of the many amazing ways in which wooden furniture can help reclaim the living room’s status as hub of the family home. Remember to add some greenery in the form of plants – this always adds that vital touch of hygge!