Supporting Independent Women with Children in the Workplace

Women To Work

With an ethos that reads “Collaboration … Positive Solutions … Better for All”, Women to Work offer a number of support programs, as well as group and one to one coaching for both women with children in Sheffield, looking to return to or progress in their chosen careers and organisations who believe they could be doing more to help them.

Women to Work was founded by two women, Jenny Pollock and Emma Shute both coming from positions of experience working and developing their chosen career paths while balancing their responsibilities as mothers. Both women are incredibly passionate about supporting women with children regain their confidence in entering the workplace as mothers and exploring and maintaining flexible working solutions to fit in with their lives.

Jenny Pollock’s personal statement reflects her pride her coaching sessions on their being tailored to the unique needs of each woman she mentors. This is a great gift in this particular field; as anyone who’s had children will know, all children have different needs and so there is not going to be a ‘one size fits all’ type solution to the challenges faced by each and every mother looking for help.

Both women bring their unique experience and approaches to the table and make Women to Work a highly flexible proposition, united in the desire to prove that you really can have it both ways. Happy families and successful and fulfilling careers do fit together, it just takes the right application and a little practice, which is where Women to Work comes in.

As previously mentioned, the company offers solutions to women as well as organisations. Let’s take a brief look at what these solutions involve.

Solutions for Sheffield Women

Workshops: If you are keen on honing your skills, gaining confidence or testing the water, considering whether to return to the workplace, one of the Women to Work workshops could be the right fit for you. They are also excellent for self-employed women who feel that they have not found the right balance between work and familial commitments and are in need of some structured advice.

There are two workshops on offer:

Work Life Discovery – which focuses largely on how to achieve synergy in work and family life as well as understanding what drives you and what will make you happy. The ability to bounce ideas off women in a similar position to yourself is vital.

Develop Your Business – similar, but more geared towards those running their own businesses. Again the networking potential is there and there are many skills to be learnt.

On top of the workshops there are tailored one to one and buddy coaching options for those who feel they work best alone or in a small group among friends.

Solutions for Organisations

Women to Work also offer a range of excellent options for businesses and organisations looking to understand and break down the barriers that exist for women with children to progress and achieve harmonious work/life balances in their working environment. A number of bespoke initiatives are in place and their website offers a helpful run through of each option to help choose the appropriate one for your organisation.